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Considering the latest trends in information and communication technology, e-Governance initiatives taken by Central and State Govt., WSSO intends to design and develop a state-of the art dynamic web-portal. This will serve to both the administrative staff of WSSO and common people. The web-portal will be as per the information made available by WSSO. This will provide a communication pathway for the common people to get the information about the functioning of the organisation. Also, the web-portal will be linked with the other concerned establishments. Efficient and Interactive sharing of information will be the main objective behind this web-portal.

WSSO - Goal

To provide every rural person with adequate safe water for drinking, cooking and other domestic basic needs on a sustainable basis. This basic requirement should meet minimum water quality standards and be readily and conveniently accessible at all times and in all situations.

WSSO - Vision

Safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for all, at door step, at all times, in rural Maharashtra.

Key Persons